Programmer Resources

My intention with this page is to share online resources for those who are interested in programming or those who are already into it! Some of this information about software development and online programming classes has been suggested by others. I have not used all of these, so use them without endorsement from me. These are just suggestions!

Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers and designers in the world. Top companies rely on Toptal freelancers for their most important projects.

Harvard University’s CS50 class

This free introduction to computer science course is taught by David J. Malan, with a focus on these programming languages: C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML.

With, you can learn the basics of computer science through a drag and drop, feature-packed learning experience. As a self-directed tutorial, complete with lectures from some of the biggest names in programming (think Mark Zuckerberg et al), you can work at your own pace. With tens of millions of participants, a variety of tutorial and free access to how-to guides and videos, this one is definitely worth trying out.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp offers a unique way of learning to code, by doing some social good, too. It teaches students basic and advanced techniques by building projects for non-profits.

Dash by General Assembly

For true beginners, Dash by General Assembly is a top choice. It teaches HTML, CSS, and Javascript via browser-based activities and exercises.

Code Conquest

For many, the first step into the world of coding is the most challenging. Code Conquest offers a free online guide for beginners, to help you ease into it.


TheCodePlayer shows you detailed presentations that outline how others have built websites and apps, among other things, from scratch. Each lesson comes complete with a video and in-depth description.

Code School

Code School’s channel contains recordings of live Q&A sessions with developers, as well as the first level of videos for each of the topics they teach on their website.

Treehouse’s official Youtube channel includes instructional videos, The Treehouse show (round-up of tech news), and interviews with industry experts.


Chris Coyier, the creator of the website CSS-tricks, provides instructional videos focusing on CSS and front-end frameworks.


Interested in learning about more fundamental concepts in computing and programming? This channel has you covered.


This channel provides tutorials in Android, Java, Javascript and Python, and more.

Will Stern walks you through topic in web development, focusing on Javascript, jQuery, and the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.)


This channel’s playlists walk you through the basic to advanced topics in a variety of programming languages, from Javascript to C.


Andrew Perk’s channel includes introductory tutorials on both Ruby on Rails and PHP.

Adam Khoury

Khoury’s playlists cover HTML, Javascript, PHP and other topics, including useful quizzes in addition to the screencast lessons.

Derek Banas

Banas created an extremely popular “Learn Javascript in 30 Minutes” playlist, along with others for topics like Git, Android, jQuery, and CSS.


This channel contains introductory tutorials to get you started with numerous programming languages and topics, including Android and Python.

*If these aren’t enough, check out this r/learnprogramming thread on the same topic!

Editor’s note: Upon request, we’ve added an easy-to-remember link to share the YouTube love 🙂 YouTube Short Cut

Have questions and looking for solid answers? Try these sites:
Stack Overflow
Adobe Knowhow

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