What Others Say

“What I really liked about working with Mike is that he lets the people he manages do their job. When I was working as a part of Mike’s team, he let me be the creative person and do my part and he did his part managing the project, rather than micromanage the team. I would gladly work again with Mike on any project.”

Daivd Urbinati, Motion Graphics Designer at Levatas


“I was fortunate to work for several years with Mike, when he served as Director of Marketing for HMY Yacht Sales. His creativity and upbeat attitude were positive influences on all who worked around him. Even his most innovative marketing projects seemed to come together easily, with Mike’s organizational skills. I follow his work on a daily basis because Mike is adept at providing clear, concise, relevant internet marketing and social media information that can benefit my business directly. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Mike on several charity events for many years. He works just as hard for these causes as he does in his business endeavors.”

Mike Middleton, New Yachts Product Manager, HMY Yacht Sales


“Mike has always been one of the sharpest marketing minds I have ever encountered. He sees opportunities where other people do not or cannot and capitalizes on them. He’s also one of the few people in the yachting business who understands social media. Any company in need of a new direction would be wise to hire him.”

Diane M. Byrne, Owner and Editor, Megayacht News


“I had the great pleasure of working with Mike during his tenure at HMY Yacht Sales. Mike was always resourceful, creative and at the cutting edge of his profession. Together, we planned and successfully implemented many programs that no-one had ever tried before, to the mutual benefit of both of our companies. Mike’s continual insistance on finding new, creative, solutions to old problems was truly inspirational and led us both to the many successes we enjoyed. In the process, we also became good personal friends. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike for any position he feels he is qualified for.”

David Parkinson, Southeast Sales Manager, Source Interlink Media


“I am on my third career; Director of Marketing for Hatteras Yacht, Director of Marketing for Digital Equipment corporation and now as Floridada Business Developement of Florida. I’ve worked with Mike Dickman as a client of mine and felt strongly enough about Mike’s marketing management to recommend that Mike be engaged as a client of Mike’s services. Mike is one or those rare people that are both highly creative and highly organized. In short, Mike Dickman is the best Director of Marketing that I’ve had the priviledge of working with in any industry and he’s easy to collaborate with.”

Clem O’Brien, Florida Business Development Manager, YachtWorld.com


“Mike is an expert in the field of marketing and SEO. He has been a huge asset to our marketing and website boost. If you are looking for help, please sit down with Mike and listen to what he has to say. His advise and strategies are right on target.”

Vince Perugini, Sales Manager at Matt Chem Marine USA


“I have known Mike for over 20 years in the Marine Industry. Mike has worked in a variety of capacities with some of the best companies in our business. He knows every aspect of marine marketing from basic show production to brochures to web development. Mike has also done leading edge advertising work, and is now a pioneer at generating business through social media. Mike is one of the “good guys” in the boat business: he knows the business inside and out, and has the integrity and perspective to stay in it.”

Peter Truslow, President, Bertram Yachts


“Mike Dickman was instrumental during the 90’s in helping MIASF members focus on internet marketing rather than depending on boat shows as a critical sales tool. MIASF has many members today who are thankful for Mike’s guidence and leadership in this vital area.

Mike has the ultimate work ethic that every employer desires and the strength of character and consuming passion that drives one to success.”

Frank Herhold, Past Executive Director, Marine Industries Association of South Florida


“Mike Dickman did a great job for us during the promotion of the BoaterMouth.com and Boats.com partnership at the 2010 Miami International Boat Show. I have continued to be impressed with his daily updates about online media marketing. He stays on top of the news and trends, and is a great resource for my company.”

Kim Kavin, Owner, Imagine Media LLC


“I worked with Mike during the late 80’s while I was managing the Marine Industries Association of South Florida. Mike has then and is now a talented and skilled marketing guy. When we worked together, I enjoyed his energy level, talents and work ethic. I know he has continued to grow and increase his talents that benefit any client relationship.”

Van Snider, President (Retired), Michigan Boating Industries Association


“Mike is very helpful, and extremely knowledgeable in the emerging field of social network integration, with traditional marketing principles. Whether it’s a simple task of maximizing the impact of a press release…or hiring Mike to design a complete social media program…it would be money well spent.”

Michael DeLillo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Walker Engineering Enterprises


“Always enjoyed working with Mike – found him to be very well organized and efficient in setting up events and projects. Has a great personality and sense of humor combined with intelligence. Tough to find these days . . .”

Forest Johnson, Photographer/Videographer, Forest Johnson, Inc.


“Mike goes beyond the meaning of service. He has and does provide an excellant source for all my marketing needs. Jamie Strauss”

Jamie Strauss, President, Coastline Marine

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