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I added this page so that I can share resources with you which I find valuable and informational. New resources will be added as I come across them. So, if you come back to this page looking for something and don’t see it, just scroll until you find it. Thanks for stopping by,


Social Media Super Resource

I came upon this list, and as the author, Colin Welch states: “it would be mean of us not to make it available to everybody”. Thanks Colin for putting this together. This article originally appeared on Silicon Beach Training.

Tips & Guides

Mashable – Twitter Lists, Resources & How-Tos

How To Start a Blog

10 Things to Do Before Launching Your Blog

Writing for Bloggers – A Quick Guide on Style, Substance and Strategy

Creating a web presence – why bother?

Search engine optimization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SEOmoz | 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

How to optimize website images from a SEO perspective

The Bloggerʼs Guide to SEO

Methods of website linking

Linkbaiting for Fun & Profit

Web analytics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My list of tips for getting the most out of Twitter

Free Twitter backgound template download

ʻMemeʼ explained on Wikipedia

Know Your Meme

What Social Media Is and What Social Media Is Not

List of social networking websites on Wikipedia

Google Social Search Launches, Gives Results From Your Trusted “Social Circle”

Boolean Searching on the Internet

Tools & Analytics

Google Alerts



Google Analytics


Social Mention

Trending Tools

About IQ


Google Trends

Popular Bookmarks on Delicious

Twitter Search

Yahoo! Buzz Index – Todayʼs Top 20 Overall Searches


WordPress Plugins & Themes

WordPress › WordPress Plugins

WordPress › WordPress Themes


Stop Comment Spam and Trackback Spam « Akismet

All In One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

Audio Player WordPress plugin


Favicon Manager


Google Analyticator

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

PXS Mail Form

Simple Tags

SRG Clean Archives

Wordbook Facebook

WordPress Automatic Upgrade

WordPress Database Backup

Wptouch: WordPress on iPhone

FaceBook Share

Facebook Connect



The Social Web








Google Buzz




Ning – Create Your Own Social Network


Diigo – Social Bookmarking

Social Tools & Apps

Brizzly – Twitter web app

Where is your Username registered

KnowEm – Check your username

Alltop, all the top stories


Firefox web browser URL shortner with stats

TinyURL – URL shortner


Yoono – Firefox Plugin to Monitor all Social Media Accounts

Flock – Social Web Browser

The Conversation Prism – Monitor multiple Social Media channels

Twitter Tools

Our guide to Brand monitoring on Twitter – 5 top tools

Our list of 50+ apps for Twitter marketing

Mr. Tweet – Your Personal Networking Assistant!


Twitterfall – a way of viewing the latest ʻtweetsʼ of upcoming trends

Seesmic – Twitter & FB app

Twitterrific – Mac & iPhone app

TweetDeck – Twitter, FB & MySpace app

Power Twitter – Firefox Add-on

Twuffer – schedule tweets for later!


Jim Grygar’s list of 60 Twitter tools



It’s Time to Upgrade – Keep your browsers up to date!

Following are link to be sure you are up to date.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome



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