The Purpose of My Blog

My intention with this blog is to keep readers updated on the tools and trends of Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Software Design and Software Development. I will provide this information by reposting what I find on the Internet from others that I follow in the Digital Marketing world.

Please post comments which will help me continue to post relevant information that will best serve you.

4 thoughts on “The Purpose of My Blog

  1. Hey Mike,

    I found the Social Media and Marketing has brought a whole new twist to how people/companies do business now. I also have found how I have been able to connect more with the individuals and teams that fish our events.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for leaving your comment Laura. It’s kind of funny how computers and software are the conduits getting humans to communicate again!

    • Seriously Laura! With my Facebook and Twitter now added to my IM, email and Texting, I’m never out of touch, which is not always a good thing if trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I was just thinking this morning of setting up my blog so I could update from my phone or from Twitter posts. Do I really need all that?!

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