#TedKennedy: The Kennedy Family Takes to Twitter

by Ben Parr ( http://mashable.com/2009/08/27/ted-kennedy/ )

We’ve seen Twitter used for everything from marriage proposals to tweeting the diaries of dead presidents. However, the new endeavor by the famous Kennedy family is definitely breaking new ground.

Yesterday, the Kennedy family launched a Twitter account: @KennedyNews. It is “the official account of the Kennedy family and staff.” Instead of discussing politics though, the family is using it to keep the public informed about memorial and funeral activities for the late Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, who passed away two days ago after a year-long struggle with brain cancer.

The account is already very active, tweeting out not only news about the family, but information about the motorcade, the time and location of sitting vigils, and even who is currently paying his or her respects to the late Senator. Here are a few example tweets:

It’s another extraordinary use of social media to keep an interested public informed. Twitter (Twitter) has quickly become the broadcast tool of choice, and for good reason. There will surely be a lot more vigils, testimonials, and information to come out as the funeral arrangements are made. Be sure to follow the account if you’re interested in more from the storied family.

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