ReMax Announces International Yacht Brokering Franchise Solution


Remax Marine is set to launch onto the selling of yachts on 11th September 2009 and is offering an initial saving of 50% off their brokerage fees.

08.27.2009 – Remax, one of the world’s largest estate agent networks has over the years developed a sound franchise method for selling domestic property in the real estate world, is now planning to push its brand into the yacht selling market with Remax Marine.


With a presence in more in 67 countries on six continents each of the 6,898 offices is independently owned and operated supported by more than 120,520 agents. The company is eagerly seeking to set up yacht business related offices and is offering a free information pack ( that explains all about becoming an agent.


Save 50% brokerage commission and get your boat displayed in the Southampton Boat Show for free!

Boat Finders:
RE/MAX Marine has access to a simply massive selection of boats for sale. Let us help you find your perfect boat.

Boat Agents:
RE/MAX has a presence in more than 70 countries on six continents. Ask us about becoming a RE/MAX Marine agent today!

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