Facebook — and plans for domination

This article is quite long, however, worth the read.

High points for me were:

“… Facebook is leveraging its own community to cut costs. User-generated content has allowed many sites to populate with material written by users. Facebook has taken this a step further by enlisting its own users to localize Facebook into more than 50 languages. This has probably saved the company several hundred million dollars in localization costs, and it’s a template for how community-driven companies can tap their avid fans not only as an ad audience but also as a source of intellectual horsepower.

There are still many companies that specialize entirely in localizing Web content. And LinkedIn has largely failed to localize its content, which has meant that it hasn’t had as broad a user-base expansion as Facebook.”

Read the entire article: by Alex Salkever (Previously published on: DailyFinance.com)

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