Morgan Stanley: Mobile Internet Market Will Be 2X The Size of Desktop Internet

Written by Richard MacManus

Morgan Stanley has released a couple of bulky documents about the mobile internet: ‘The Mobile Internet Report,’ a 424 page report which explores 8 major themes; and ‘The Mobile Internet Report Key Themes,’ a 659-slide presentation that drills down on thoughts covered in the report. We’ve embedded both documents below.

Perhaps the most remarkable statement in the report is that the Mobile Internet market will be “at least 2x size of Desktop Internet,” which Morgan Stanley bases on math comparing Internet Users with Mobile Subscribers.

The report starts out by saying that Apple’s iPhone / iTouch / iTunes ecosystem “may prove to be the fastest ramping and most disruptive technology product / service launch the world has ever seen.” It goes on to state that “a handful of incumbents (like Apple, Google, and Skype) appear especially well positioned for mobile changes.”

Growth in the Mobile Internet is being driven by 3G adoption and the increasing popularity of smartphones, of which the iPhone is the leader. Morgan Stanley predicts that smartphones “will out-ship the global notebook + netbook market in 2010E and out-ship the global PC market (notebook + netbook + desktop) by 2012E.”

The firm has always been bullish on mobile internet, as Mary Meeker’s Web 2.0 conference presentations over the years show. See also our analysis of Meeker’s 2009 Web 2.0 presentation.

The reports are far too big to summarize here, so we recommend you read them below – or download from Morgan Stanley’s website.

Read the entire story here.

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