5 Big Social Media Questions from Small Business Owners

by Erica Swallow

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum.

There are a lot of buzz words on the social web these days: group buying, location-based services, SEO, just to name a few. Sorting through the information to figure out what’s just hype and what your business can actually work with can be a daunting task — it uses up resources, including time and money, and sometimes leads you and your social media strategy in the wrong direction.

With technology adoption rates skyrocketing among small businesses and small business social media success stories popping up all around the web, it’s likely that more SMBs will be joining the social revolution in the near future.

But how does your business decide which social venues are right for your company, customer base and goals? It’s a tough call, but it all boils down to doing your research and creating a clear-cut strategy.

While serving on a panel at a recent social media training session for small business owners, I received a number of questions on how to grow a business using social media and other free or low-cost tools on the web.

Five particular questions stood out as being highly relevant and oh-so fresh, so I would like to share them with the greater community of small business owners looking to promote their companies via social media. Add your own thoughts and questions on these topics in the comments below.

1. Is group buying right for my business?

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