2 thoughts on “HOW TO: Spruce Up a Boring Resume

  1. Hi Mike! I would love for you to send a link to your Social Media articles to Tad if that’s possible. His email is tdickman@mail.umw.edu. He is in Sydney, Australia for a ten week internship with their National Basketball League… doing social media related projects. These would be very helpful to him. He has to wite two papers when he is done and is always looking for credible sources. Hope your mom and dad have a good visit with Chris and family… hope we get to see all of you sometime soon. Take care!

    Barb Dickman (wife of your dad’s cousin, Robert Dickman)

    • Barb, Consider it done. I’ll let him know (tell your Friends too) that he is welcome to use and share anything here.
      (No need to explain the relation next time, we’re family!)

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