Between 5pm and 6pm is the best time to send marketing emails


This article first appeared on The Drum

Between 5pm and 6pm is the best time to send marketing emails, but different sectors peak at different times

Over a quarter (26 per cent) of marketing emails sent between 5pm and 6pm are opened, a nine per cent increase on the average rate, new research from Pure360 has found.

The research is based on the analysis of 40,000 email campaigns sent by over 140 companies in 24 sectors, between January and December 2012, and found that different times of day are better for different sectors, with recruitment doing best before 10am; hotel offers peaking at 10-11am and travel doing the best at 4pm.

Abi Jacks, head of marketing at Pure360, comments: “It’s easy to make assumptions about consumer behaviour and many marketers believe that sending emails first thing in the morning benefits their open rates.

“But in fact, our research shows that they need to really get to know their sector audience and be aware of unexpected trends – such as the habit people have for opening emails that they receive as the time-pressures of the work day ease off on the commute home.”

Pure360’s research also shows that autumn is the best time of year to launch an email campaign, with 21 per cent of marketing messages sent between September and November opened, compared to a 17 per cent average.

The most successful months for events, hotels, retail, technology and travel emails are all in autumn.

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