Facebook Best Practices: 4 Ways to Spice Up the User Experience

By Tom Brodbeck and originally posted on SocialMediaToday.

Facebook has lots of different features available on their business pages for business owners.  So many that they can be overwhelming and confusing.  

Just in the past few months, Facebook rolled out some new updates that you may not know about and you can use them to add more spice and some character to your business Facebook page.  

Here are a few of the common features that I like to utilize when I am setting up a Facebook business page.

Add a Call-To-Action to Your Cover Photo

Facebook best practicesBack in March, Facebook changed their user guidelines about what text can be added to cover photos.  The previous restrictions allowed text but businesses were not allowed to put their address, website or other calls to action. Now, those restrictions have been lifted but the text of your cover photo cannot be more than 20% of the image.  

It can be confusing to measure the 20% restriction, so Facebook has a tool to help you determine if your cover photo meets the new guidelines. Another tool you could use is this one by Paavo. Just put in your Facebook username and then a grid will overlay on your photo to see if you pass the 20% test.

Take advantage of the loosened restrictions by adding your website, or advertise for an upcoming event!  Need some ideas? Here is a great post highlighting businesses that are already taking advantage of the new rules.

Add Featured Page Owners

To add a little personality to your Facebook page, try adding featured page owners.  The featured page owners will appear next to your business information when people click on the “About” link below your profile photo.  This is especially nice if you are a small business and gives people more of a personal feel.

If you would like to add a featured page owner, in the admin panel of your business Facebook page, click “Edit Page” then “Update Public Info” and then “Featured” which is on the left side, and then “Edit Featured Page Owners.” There you can choose which administrators you would like to have featured.

Add Featured Likes

In the same section as the featured page owners, you can also feature likes of other businesses.  This would be a great place to add some of the businesses you work with or a place to highlight clients.  

To add a featured like, you must sign in using the business page by clicking on “Edit Page” and then choose the “Use Facebook as …” option.  Then go to the pages you’d like to feature and like their page.  Next, go back to the admin panel, click on “Edit Page”, then “Update Public Info” and then choose “Featured”, which is on the left side.  Above the Featured Page Owners is where you can choose which pages you would like to highlight.

Enable Replies 

Facebook as also recently rolled out a new “reply” feature for business pages that will allow you to reply directly to comments left on posts and start a conversation thread. But to utilize the feature, you have to go into your admin panel and activate it. 

To activate it, click on “Edit Page” in the admin panel and then click on “Edit Settings.” One of the last items on the page says “Allow replies to comments on my Page.”  Click the check box next to this option and save your changes. 

(Facebook cover photo / shutterstock)

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