How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Site

By Amy-Mae Elliott, and originally posted on MASHABLE.

Until now, the only way you could subscribe to a YouTube channel was on the main site. The video-sharing company has just introduced an embeddable button that you can place on your own website, giving your audience a handy shortcut to subscribe to your video content.

We’ve taken a look at how to add this useful button to your site and how to customize it to suit your site’s style.

Take a look at our quick and easy step-by-step guide below. In the comments, let us know if you’re planning to add YouTube’s new subscribe button to your own site.

The Buttons




There are three button designs you can choose from for your site. From left to right in the image above, you have the basic “default” button, the full layout that includes your YouTube channel’s name and avatar image, and the same image but on a dark background.

Decide which design will suit your site best, then head to the YouTube Developer Tools page to grab the code required.

The Code




To generate the code you need to add a button to your site, simply head to the “Configure a button” section and fill in your channel’s name. You then need to click on the two drop-down menus to decide the layout (button design) and theme (dark background or default.)

The code will automatically generate in the box to the right. If you copy and paste it to your site, you should end up with a live, embedded, clickable button like this:

Paid Channels


If your YouTube channel requires a paid subscription, your button designs are different, with a green background and a dollar sign instead of the play icon.

Generate the code by following the same directions above, and you will automatically get a paid channel design. However, because of the payment element, your button will link to your channel, rather than auto-add subscribers.

Terms and Conditions

Finally, YouTube has stipulated some terms and conditions for using the shiny new buttons. You must show all of the button clearly, you can’t incentivize clicking the subscribe button (i.e., offering prizes) and you can’t use the button to track user data.

Check out the YouTube Developer Tools page for the full rundown.


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