Developers – This is where the money is

By Jillian Kumagai and first published on MASHABLE.

Seattle is home to Microsoft, and Silicon Valley is home to Apple — that much is obvious. But if you want to see where the rest of America’s developers live, you’ll need to take a bit of a road trip.

While California boasts the highest number of developers of any U.S. state (followed by Texas, New York and Washington), the Northeast takes the top regional spot when it comes to average salary, with $89,318. Washington, however, reigns supreme as the individual state with the highest salary: an average of $109,244.

There’s only one landlocked state that made the top 10 list according to salary — Colorado, where the average developer earns $94,424.

In the following infographic, the folks at Lucidworks redrew the U.S. map according to developer population. To find out more about those who code from sea to shining sea, take a look below.


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