Angular 2.0 is coming

by Santiago L. Valdarrama

Angular 2.0 is coming and we should appreciate it

Angular 2.0 is coming and it’s not going to be compatible with Angular 1.x. The current version of Angular will be in limited life support for several months before dying completely.

And it seems that everyone who loves/hate Angular is up in arms because of this.

Gosh, stop a second a think about it.

Angular was created a lifetime ago. Browsers are getting better and next year the problems we had when Angular was born will not exist (or they will be less of a problem.)

(…) you’ll also find a number of design changes aimed at adapting Angular to the recent tectonic shifts in the web platform (…), and making Angular significantly faster and easier to use in ways we couldn’t achieve in incremental steps from 1.x.

We need a framework to take advantage of what’s new. Backwards compatibility is nice, but it’s not what fosters progress.

I really respect the Angular team for making a decision this big. Haters are going to hate (they are already), but I applaud the team’s commitment to build a framework for the future.

Plus, who said there’s not going to be a migration path? Emphasis mine:

Our goal with Angular 2 is to make the best possible set of tools for building web apps not constrained by maintaining backwards compatibility with existing APIs. Once we have an initial version of Angular 2, we’ll start to work on a migration path for Angular 1 apps.

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