Beyond the Hour of Code

Update from Hadi Partovi


Dear friends,

I spent my holidays reflecting on the incredible momentum behind computer science — from hundreds of partners, to tens of thousands of educators, to millions of students and parents.

Most people who hear about see the glitz: the Hour of Code, celebrities, and marketing. Indeed, with the help of the US President and other world leaders, Anna & Elsa from Frozen, and every Apple and Microsoft store, the Hour of Code beat even our wildest expectations.


Beyond the Hour of Code

But education takes more than an hour. The Hour of Code is just a seed. The bulk of’s effort goes into follow-up: adding computer science to official curriculum. Here’s my summary of what we achieved in 2014, with your help:

Bringing fantastic online courses to classrooms

We’ve developed 100 hours of follow-on curriculum that’s taught in 90,000 schools worldwide. With 4M students enrolled, it receives consistently positive feedback.


Partnering with school districts, training teachers

We’ve signed agreements with the largest school districts in the US to train their existing staff to teach computer science and to add it to the formal curriculum.’s awesome partners and Affiliates train 1,000 teachers every month! (See below to get involved in your local community)


Addressing diversity by starting younger

We all know the tech industry has a workplace diversity problem. Diversity in computer science education is even worse. We’re solving it at scale by teaching kids younger and focusing on urban schools. Today only a few thousand female, African American or Hispanic students earn degrees in CS each year. The entire US has only 550,000 female software professionals. By contrast, our intro courses reach 1 million girls and 1 million black and Hispanic students!


Changing state policies to support computer science

Since 2013, our coalition of advocacy partners has changed policies in 16 states. We’re proud to say that in 25 states + DC, computer science can finally count for high school graduation. 75% of US students live in these states.


International reach

We’ve translated our lessons into 34 languages and established international partnerships in the UK, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Romania, Albania, and the Middle East.


Looking to 2015, we have a ton of work ahead, but I’ve also never felt more confident in our ability to realize our vision that every student in every school should have the opportunity to study computer science.

This isn’t just something we accomplish on our own. Our work builds on decades of effort, by many organizations and individuals who helped establish, fund, and spread computer science. Our impact is made possible by generous supporters like you.

If you want to help:

  1. Ask your school to teach CS (example letter)
  2. If you know kids in elementary school, recruit their teacher to offer our courses for grades K-5
  3. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter
  4. Consider a generous donation

Hadi Partovi and the team

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