14 Tools and Apps To Transform Your Twitter Engagement

By Brian Fanzo and first published on his Blog

Twitter, like all social media platforms, has changed drastically over the last couple years. And as the technology and networks have evolved, so too has their wider value and impact.

The learning curve for new users on Twitter is very high, but for those that are finding value on the platform or have had that “aha moment” via tweet, the question I’m most often asked is: “how do I scale, how do I engage more, how do I become a power user?”

I’ll admit I’m a technology and tools geek, (see my post: “40+ Social Tools I use for Personal Branding Success”) but before I share with you my favorite tools, you must understand that there is no easy button – to find value and build relationships, it takes effort and lots of work, just as it does offline.

Here are the 14 apps, tools and tactics that I use when engaging on Twitter. For me, engagement on Twitter must go beyond a RT, favorite or 140 character exchange. Embracing content and embedded material, such as custom graphics, audio clips and video, in combination with scheduling and social listening tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, not only allows you to stand out from the crowd, but enables you to generate engagement and conversations. My social media and personal branding philosophy is #ShowUcare, and if you embrace these tools you’ll have more time to be human, build relationships and do just that.

1. TweetDeck – Active, real-time dashboard that allows you engage and share from multiple twitter accounts.

14 Apps and Tools To Transform Your Twitter Engagement | Social Media Today

2. Buffer – Tweet scheduling, RSS feed management, content suggestions, engagement analytics, team collaboration

14 Apps and Tools To Transform Your Twitter Engagement | Social Media Today

3. Hootsuite – Social media management, RSS feed management, social listening feeds, team and account collaboration

14 Apps and Tools To Transform Your Twitter Engagement | Social Media Today

4. Canva & Pablo by Buffer – Create custom graphics easily to share on Twitter

14 Apps and Tools To Transform Your Twitter Engagement | Social Media Today

5. Periscope Meerkat – Live streaming video apps, leverages Twitter connections, posts live stream links to Twitter feed.

14 Apps and Tools To Transform Your Twitter Engagement | Social Media Today

6. Twitter Lists – Organize and filter your Twitter followers into organized feeds, subscribe and follow others lists.

7. ManageFlitter – Manage your followers, clear inactive followers, compare your followers to others, find new people to follow.

8. Mention – Social listening with alerts for each time your name, Twitter handle or other words.

9. Klear (formerly Twtrland) – Dashboard view of your account, influencers accounts and content being shared by your followers and followers of topics you follow

10. Twitter Video – 30 second video’s embedded into Twitter, take videos saying thank you or storytelling beyond 140 characters.

11. TweetBot or Twitter Mobile App – Leverage downtime with mobile Twitter apps, customize notifications to understand when your mentioned so you can engage in real-time.

12. Topsy – Search hashtags, compare hashtags and trends to better understand hashtags being used and which hashtags are best.

13. TweetChat / Nurph – Sites dedicated to Twitter chats, enables users to follow only chat hashtag to organize conversation.  Read more on Twitter chats here!

14. Meshfire – Twitter dashboard organized for team and campaign engagement, leverages artificial intelligence to give unique view of twitter conversations.

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