5 Ways to Make Video a Social Experience

Originally posted on Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner

by Peter Wylie

Video is very hot and there’s a strong social media connection.  Are you using video to promote your business? Do you know the best ways to leverage this growing form of content?

What follows are 5 ways you can tap into the exploding video frontier—and achieve many social media advantages.

Why Video Now?

The demand for video is already proven:  U.S. audiences viewed nearly 28 billion online videos in November 2009 alone.

The demand for video in a social setting is clearly growing:  Nielsen reports that online video viewing on social networking sites was up 98% in 2009.

Now is the time to begin integrating video into your social presence.  Tap into the rapid growth in social video that’s around the corner by beating the crowds and adding video to your social media routine.

Cynthia Francis, CEO of Reality Digital (which makes social video platforms for enterprise), gives great advice for people starting out in creating video for their social networks.

“Always keep in mind the goal of the video you’re going to create,” Francis said. “It’s not just about driving people to your website with your video, it’s how broad you can make your reach and how many people interact with your video that really matter.”

To read the entire story, click here.

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