Luckie’s 30-Day Social Media Makeover.

Originally posted on The Social Path

SocialMedia_30DayThroughout January 2010, The Social Path ran daily tips on how to improve your social life —

online, at least.

Here’s a quick recap of all the tips posted:


Day 1: Flesh out your LinkedIn public profile.

Day 2: Try Posterous, a better way to blog and bookmark.

Day 3: Switch 10 of your Flickr photos to Creative Commons.

Day 4: Cull your crowd on Twitter.

Day 5: Watch this video.

Day 6: Revamp your RSS reading.

Day 7: Check in on your YouTube channel.

Day 8: Start segmenting your Facebook “friends.”

Day 9: Ratchet up your Facebook privacy settings.

Day 10: Lock your phone already.

Day 11: Review 3 things you’ve owned for 3 months.

Day 12: Actually follow the people on your Twitter Lists.

Day 13: See what your readers see.

Day 14: Recommend three great people on LinkedIn.

Day 15: Update your blogroll.

Day 16: Make it easier to subscribe to your blog.

Day 17: Create a picture that travels the Web with you.

Day 18: Get your Google Profile up to date.

Day 19: Delete those old, unused accounts.

Day 20: Flush out your Facebook apps.

Day 21: Set social network boundaries and stick to them.

Day 22: Learn five things you didn’t know about YouTube.

Day 23: Switch to Firefox or Chrome.

Day 24: Leave comments on three of your favorite blogs.

Day 25: Join your local Social Media Club.

Day 26: Highlight the best of your blog.

Day 27: Create a digital notepad of great blog ideas.

Day 28: Follow these seven PR and marketing mavens.

Day 29: Embrace SlideShare, and discover a whole new audience.

Day 30: Stop letting social media stress you out.

Check out the ground breaking agency that publishes the Social Path – Lucky & Company

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