Google, Is, Okay, With, Commas, Even, In, Your, Title, Tags

This article first appeared on Search Engine Roundtable and is authored by Barry Schwartz.

I am really not sure where these ideas come from, which is why I have stuff to write daily but this guy asked John Mueller if putting commas in title tags are okay or not. John said it is “totally up to you!” Here is the tweet:


I mean, why would you not be allowed to use commas in your titles? I am not understanding the logic of not using commas?

People, like me, over use commas, when we write. But other then that, using commas when it makes sense, even in titles, does make sense.

See what I am doing here?

So use commas where it makes sense and do not worry about how search engines will react to it. Google will handle it just fine. Make sure it doesn’t bother your readers.

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