New Google Search Console Speed Reports Rolling Out

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google speed

Google is now rolling out the experimental and new “Speed” reports within Google Search Console. Google began testing this last May and we have seen more and more webmasters get this report since then but now Google announced it is rolling out as “experimental.”

Google said on Twitter “We’re excited to begin the public rollout for the Search Console Speed report.”

Google Webmasters


We’re excited to begin the public rollout for the Search Console Speed report 💨! Let’s make the web faster together 💪 

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Here are some more screen shots (I have do roll out my new design…):

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I posted a more detailed look at these reports a couple weeks ago at Search Engine Land.

Here is what Google said:

The report classifies URLs by speed and the issue that causes any slowdowns. Drill down on a specific issue to see examples of slow URLs to help you prioritize performance improvements for them. To get a better sense of what type of optimization can be performed for a specific URL, the report links to the Page Speed Insight tool, which provides information on specific optimization opportunities.You should use this report both for monitoring your performance over time and for tracking fixes you made to your website. If you fix an issue, use the report to track whether users experienced a performance improvement when browsing the fixed version of your website.

To help you understand how your site is performing, you can also see what types of URLs are doing better by checking the moderate and fast buckets.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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