How to Integrate Social Media With Traditional Media

By Tom Martin

This article first appeared on Social Media Examiner.

Is your social media program fully integrated with your traditional marketing program, orare you just bolting on “Follow me on Twitter/Facebook” to your ads and fooling yourself?

The Integration Question

If you’re running a truly integrated program, congrats. You’re among the elite. Like the Marines, you’re part of the few, the proud, the enlightened.

But for everyone else, the question that constantly floats around boardrooms, ballrooms and conference panels is “How do I integrate all of this new social media with my traditional advertising and public relations campaigns?” Yes, social media is growing up, and in 2010, marketers don’t just want to know how to use Twitter and Facebook, marketers want to know how to integrate Twitter and Facebook into their advertising, direct marketing and public relations campaigns.

I think the problem is that most people are asking the wrong question. When you ask someone to tell you how to do something, you’re asking for a process that you can replicate. But that is just one process. Sure, it worked for them (and maybe you) this time, but is it truly replicable? Will it work tomorrow or the day after that?

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The Fuss About Facebook

by Mitch Joel

You can’t poke a person you hardly care about without reading a complaint about Facebook and their changing/evolving privacy issues.

This is not a big deal and – on top of that – what did you expect?

Facebook can (and will) do what they want. They’re not a charity. They’re not an online social network established for the greater good. They are a business. And, like all businesses, they are trying to figure out how to make a dime (and then how to make many more of them). Facebook is also free to users around the world, so how did you think they were going to makes those dimes?

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